1. The Main Menu is the primary list of options available to the user. The main menu is the starting point of options presented to the user of a computer application to help the user find information or execute a program function

2. The Search option helps users to locate content by searching for specific words or phrases, without needing to understand or navigate through the structure of the application. This can be a quicker or easier way to find content.

3. The Favorites list gives you a convenient way to save, organize and access frequently-used items. This provides fast access for the user by right clicking and adding to the favorites tab from the main menu or search tabs. When needed to delete a favorite, right click then delete from favorites. 

4. The Settings tab has 5 different options to select from. The Minimize Main Screen when Opening New Screen when selected allows the main screen to minimize when opening screens so the only screen you see is the new screen. The Do Not Auto Load Home Screen when selected allows you to see the main screen but does not load any of the web information. The Load Menu Sized Screen when selected allows the screen to load to menu size based on settings. The Auto Load Screen On Search when selected allows the screen to auto load when typing in the name on the search. The Load Scroll Bars on Forms when selected allows scroll bars to be on the bottom and side of the screen to view the whole screen with specific settings.

5. The Web tab provides assistance to our to Support Documentation to help assistance with navigating the program. It also provides the user to be able to either view a list of contact information for support or for our connect remote access to be able to provide assistance in any issues or concerns that may arise. It also allows the user to view any News updates and About Us. The Video Library is a review of what Tradewinds does and services offered. The button by clicking on it will colapse the main screen so you are only viewing thee tabs as shown below.