GrainLink360 is a software system for tracking all types of grains such as corn, rice, wheat, etc.. This program will allow you to contract with the grower (where applicable), receive into your facility or direct-ship to another destination and provide reporting to track the activity.  It also allows you to process the grain and track it's movement through your facility.

GrainLink360 also allows you to buy, sell, contract, hedge or anything you have to do with grain, whether it belongs to you or not.  In that process all recipients of funds are automatically paid.  All commissions for sales people, or research fees are also tracked and paid.

Finally this system is used for shipping to another destination, again automatically keeping track of inventory.

In conclusion, GrainLink360 is our base application for transferring and processing all grain transactions.  If you are a mill, processing facility, seed or feed facility there are add-on options that will take care of those items too.  

RiceLink360 is a complete milling add-on that works seamlessly with GrainLink360.  

SeedLink360 module is for our seed companies to use our designed to handle seed processing, sale and packaging.  Likewise for grain merchandisers, brokers, farmers, freight companies there is a TradeWinds product to meet your needs.