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Since 1988 our focus is YOU – the small to mid-market business who wants to optimize their grain and seed operations! We know how difficult your business is and our customers believe in our partnering capabilities to help them become more efficient without breaking the bank to deploy and run software. Our simple yet powerful platform provides end to end ERP features for integrating people, processes, and technologies across your business. Our team excels in tailoring our platform to your specific needs and building long term relationships to help you be successful with your customers!

This Documentation covers all of our products. Please note that not all modules may be available to you. If, after reviewing the documentation, you still need further assistance, please contact our technical support department at (318) 220-1039

Grainklink360: Provides many innovative, automated processes to streamline your business from end to end with custom tailoring for your specific needs if required. Our next generation rough grain software system has proven to be the key for our customer’s improved results – we have built this platform over many years to handle the unique requirements you deal with on a daily basis. To learn more about Grainlink360 visit

RiceLink360:  Our Next Generation milling, packaging and invoicing software platform. This system provides a fully integrated set of features and functionality that has been built over the life of our company. We have implemented many automated processes to significantly improve your business from end to end and offer custom tailoring for your specific needs if required. Our rice milling system has delivered tremendous value for our client’s operations and they have been able to provide their customers improved service and products! To learn more about Ricelink360 visit

Seedlink360: An End to End system that far exceeds any traditional seed handling software solutions. Our platform offers automated treating, processing, packing and tracking that will transform your business. The platform provides functionality based on years of our experience and customer use. If necessary, our team will custom tailor the system for your specific needs. Using next generation technology, we have designed automation into the system that has proven to enhance our client’s operations and improve their business results. We have created this powerful platform over many years to handle the specific functionality that is required on a daily basis for the seed handling business! To learn more about Seedlink360

Accounting Platform: Our core accounting platform provides full module support for all traditional functions including general ledger, payables, receivables, invoice, receipts, purchases, etc. The power of our solution comes from the Seamless Integration with our 360 suite of products. As transactions occur in any module, the necessary updates to other modules and system functions will automatically be performed saving time and effort for your staff. The platform has become more robust over time based on our customer’s feedback to enhance the overall performance. To learn more about Accounting Platform

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